Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Short, A Feature and a TV Show walk into a bar...

As we head into March, I've noticed that I am already feeling good about this years prospects. I have completed my first draft of a short script titled "The Light Before We Land" which I would like to shoot this summer. I have received some really positive feedback on the script from peers in the business and I'll be working on finishing a second draft hopefully by the end of this month. Shawn Lewallen has already agreed to return as DP/Producer for this short. I will be posting details on this project as soon as I lock down the script.

The TV show I was set to write and direct another three episodes for has been put on hiatus for the moment so my involvement with that has ceased for the time being.

On other news, I am in negotiations with a production company to help rewrite a feature script to be shot here in Wilmington this summer. There is a name attached to the project which will become public knowledge very shortly. I am meeting with the producers next week to talk about the script and the project in general.

Until then...

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