Monday, March 10, 2008

'The Calming' 2008 Cackalacky Film Festival Schedule

We just received schedule confirmation from the 2008 Cackalacky Film Festival that's due to take place in Charlotte, NC April 17th thru the 20th.

THE CALMING will have TWO SCREENINGS, one on Friday the 18th at 6pm and the second on Sunday the 20th at 1.30pm.

This will be the last festival appearence before I retire it to the vault that is my reel...

We made this film in May of 2006 and I entered it into 20 film festivals across the country.

It was accepted into 6 of those. Not bad for a film that explores the possibilities of pre-meditated marital murder...!

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eric said...

Congrats on Cackalacky, Ben. Coincidentally, I published a prose poem in Kakalak Anthology of Carolina Poets and the poem was about my very short lived movie career. Good hearing from you today too.