Sunday, July 20, 2008

A ridiculously belated update

I have vowed to get better about updating. Now that I have finished three months of non-stop work on two big films, I might be able to find a little time to concentrate on what is more important to me. And that is family and writing.

The new short script, 'The Light Before We Land' has been quietly doing well in the 2008 American Gem Screenwriting Competition. It has currently made it into the quarter finals and I shall learn this coming week whether it is to progress into the semi-finals or not. Fingers crossed for subjectivity!

I am close to a finished draft and have been wanting to dive in and put the film into pre-production to shoot in October. But recent developments with my DP and Producer (bigger films with paychecks!) may require that we push until the end of the year to go into production. I am excited at the prospects ahead. This story started out as a one-woman story of tragedy and has morphed into a far more complex story about grief, mysticism and the need to let go of loved ones. The longer we wait to shoot it, the stronger the script has become.

I have had an incredible group of peers read this script and every little suggestion and query from them has produced a solid change within the story for the better. Writing is rewriting. I'm reminded of this every time I talk to someone else who has been kind enough to take the time to read and make notes for me. The list of personal favors owed already has a bigger page count than the script!

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