Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crappiest blog in the world!

Wow, if I knew that after a year of blogging, I would be reduced to the 'occasional' entry then I would have truly have given up there and then.

So my apologies to the seven people who read this blog!

Being a new parent, working in the movie industry full-time and not working on my own projects leads me to not feeling motivated to blog about no sleep, 16 hr shooting days and my frustration with not being creative. Who wants to hear about that? Not me.

I am working on a feature film for the next 6 weeks. After that, I will be free to begin familiarizing myself with my writing once again and to start back up again from where I left off.

Until then.


Jessica said...

I just found your blog, so count me number 8! Even though you never come to our gatherings, leaving your wife to slog through the backyard laden w/baby and baby accoutrements. (sigh) (okay, fine, so it's only been ONE gathering, and you were very busy, and all of that.) Still, we must have you to dinner!

jessica and gareth

Ben said...

Jessica (#8)!

I've finally been discovered! :) Please make checks payable in British pounds to yours truly!

Yes, let's do dinner. That would be marvelous!