Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It has been far too long since the last update but while I sit here and watch the inauguration of Barack Obama and as it snows for the first time in Wilmington, NC in ten years, I feel a new beginning on the horizon for this country and for this writer.

I have been developing the short script 'The Light Before We Land' into a feature script and recently had the opportunity to pitch it to a studio in Georgia, with the hope that they will be interested in producing it sometime this year. I have also been working on a few new ideas for shorts that I would like to shoot with a small crew, to gain more experience directing behind the camera. Aside from these small projects, I remain involved with friends projects and continue to work with my students creating their projects as part of their video production class.

So onward with 2009.....with a new Director's reel, a new feature script and a smattering of short script ideas...

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